Not Every Door Is An Exit — November 17, 2021

Jon D. Imme†
2 min readNov 18, 2021

My New BFF

You never know what you will experience or discover from a stay in the hospital lasting three or four days.

I found a new BFF. If a best friend is always there for you and will never leave you and willingly go where you go let me tell you about mine.

One of the first things you have to endure when you are hospitalized is being hooked up to a mobile stand with all sorts of wires, cables and beepers. In my case I was being fed intravenously as well as receiving antibiotics intravenously.

24/7 I had to bring my new BFF with me when I went to the bathroom or walked through the hospital hallways for a little exercise or left my bed for the chair across the room. I had to be aware of its location when I sat on the edge of the bed to eat or positioned myself to sleep.

I discovered that just being there is not really what makes a BFF. In fact just being there can make things worse by getting in the way and preventing you from doing what you want to do and are called to do.

Jesus is a real BFF. Not only is He always with us 24/7 but He does not clumsily get in our way to prevent us from positive achievements. The only time He gets in our way is to prevent us from going in negative hurtful directions.

Like the mobile stand I was tied to which provided needed resources for my body Jesus provides needed resources for my body and soul; forgiveness, guidance, power, eternal life.

Ultimately the nurse had to disconnect me from my false BFF to set me free. Jesus is the BFF that only we can cause to be separated from us. Unlike the mobile stand, separation from Jesus our real BFF does not result in freedom but in slavery to the many powers encircling us looking for an opening to our mind or heart.

Say yes to Jesus’ offer of being your BFF and say yes to be free that God intended you to be and to accomplish the purpose for which you were created.