Jon D. Imme†
3 min readDec 7, 2021


Not Every Door Is An Exit — December 7, 2021

Broken Promises

Photo by Jon D. Imme

As we were walking on the trail that God has so graciously provided nearby where we live I noticed what looked like broken ceramic. As I looked at it closer (see picture above) I noticed that the designs covering it were really words. I don’t know the story behind the smashed piece of ceramic but I have a pretty good idea. It didn’t just fall because there was no place to set it on the trail. I’m quite sure it was deliberately tossed with force to the ground probably out of anger to a promise written on it which was later broken.

Perhaps you know the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty who sat on a wall and had a great fall and all the king’s horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again. Because he was an egg and we know by experience that broken egg shells can’t be put back together.

Just like broken promises can’t be put back together. Too many different things go into a promise … future hopes and plans, possible financial commitments, reputations, etc.

An interesting question is who is primarily at fault … the one who made the promise or the one who believed someone they shouldn’t have believed.

A group of people at the time of Jesus were so impressed by His teachings and miracles that they promised to make Him their King. Of course that also included promises to obey and militarily and financially support Him even to the point of dying for their King if necessary.

Quite a promise! However the Bible says that Jesus left them and their offer because ‘He knew what was in the heart of man’.

There are people of honor who truly intend to keep their promises but are unable to do so because of circumstances beyond their control.

I promise I will be home for Christmas not knowing that they will die in an automobile accident.

I promise I will never leave you not knowing that they will be diagnosed with a terminal illness.

I promise that I’ll be able to help you financially not knowing that they will lose their job.

There is only One Who can fulfill His promises no matter what the circumstances. In fact He will use the circumstances, no matter if they be positive or negative, to fulfill His promises.

And what wonderful promises they are!

Eternal life, forgiveness of sins, oneness with God, never will abandon you, changed lives filled with love, joy, hope and patience.

So be careful with your promises: ‘Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a town and spend a year there. You do not even know what tomorrow will bring.” Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wishes, we will live and do this or that.”

But go full speed ahead and accept and trust the promises of the Lord. ‘The Lord is faithful to all His promises and loves all that He has created.’ Psalm 145:13