Jon D. Imme†
2 min readDec 14, 2021


Not Every Door Is An Exit — December 13, 2021

It Never Rains in Southern California

Rainy days and nights are such a pleasure to experience in Southern California because they are so rare and so needed.

One of my favorite sounds is rain falling against the roof of a car or the roof of a house late at night. One of my favorite sights is an individual raindrop on a dripping wet window slowly meandering down somehow defying gravity in its slow deliberate descent.

On my phone I have a weather app and the last three rain ‘storms’ predicted never developed or lasted perhaps an hour.

However a rain storm is supposed to arrive later today and most of tomorrow. I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival especially since the predicted rain several days ago never materialized.

Unfortunately I developed a medical complication which looked more and more like it would require me to spend 10–12 hours in the ER and almost certain admission to the hospital causing to miss the beauty of the falling rain. That thought was bothering me as much as the medical complication itself.

But God is good. I’m able to receive the needed IV in my oncologist’s office who also is confident that prescribed medication will take care of my medical problem.

Now I just have to wait and see if the rain actually will come.

Our walk with the Lord can be quite frustrating also just like predicted rain in Southern California. There are so many promises in the Bible! We believe they are true but sometimes they are so hard to see or understand.

We set our hearts on them and when they don’t appear in the form we want we are disappointed just like when the predicted rain doesn’t come.

But just like the visit to my oncologist kept me from the ER and admission to the hospital and thereby enabling me to enjoy the storm coming later today and tomorrow so faith keeps me from becoming blind to the actual fulfillment of God’s promises.

Today’s rainstorm may or may not come but God’s promises definitely will be fulfilled.

You are faithful to Your promises O my God!
Psalm 71:22