Not Every Door Is An Exit — April 8, 2021

Cancer and a Wedding Ring

I have lost about 30 pounds during the last six weeks. To be honest about 15 of those pounds really wouldn’t have been missed, but added to the other 15 pounds it has a dramatic affect on my appearance and muscle mass.

Sheila was moisturizing my hands to help minimize the dry skin that has been appearing on them for the last week. They really had made me look reptilian but it was a harmless painless phase and gave Sheila and I lots of laughter as I would hold them up to the light and we could see it shine through the large flakes of skin hanging from my fingers and palms. Wow I had gone from hobbit feet to reptilian hands in several short weeks!

We were both surprised when my wedding ring came sliding off my finger. My ring finger had shrunk to the point that it could no longer support the ring.

We both agreed I shouldn’t wear it because the chances of it sliding off and becoming lost were too great … so for the first time in 18 years I am without my wedding ring.

Did cancer really attack my marriage? If so it failed miserably. Sheila and I have grown closer these last six weeks than ever before. Our respect and thanksgiving for one another has only deepened.

Our relationships with our family members have intensified and our appreciation for our Christian brothers and sisters has magnified to the glory of God.

Relationships are not based on documents or rings or gifts. Relationships are built on love. Even when the poverty is so great that shoes are a luxury love can create relationships so beautiful that others are envious and forced to reconsider the shifting sands of materialism that has made their relations so unsatisfactory.

One’s physical vitality is not the key to a passionate relationship. Physical vitality eventually subsides and two people are forced to look at each other with nothing to say and nothing to share. Love enhances one’s entire being; emotions, thoughts and actions. The passion of love brings life and joy to the relationship regardless of one’s physical or material status.

Did the removal of my ring due to cancer bring a setback. Of course not! It just reminded Sheila and myself that we are on a different journey with a different source of guidelines. We adjust as we have everyday for the last six weeks. As we adjust we marvel at how God continues to guide us every step of the way. To Him be the Glory!



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Jon D. Imme

Pastor| Author|Filmmaker|Former Teacher| Jon has been battling pancreatic cancer since February 2021. This has inspired him to share his journey.