Not Every Door Is An Exit — April 5, 2021

Post Easter Blahs

photo credit: belle co

Yesterday, during Easter celebrations we were reminded that Jesus had conquered death and we shall also.

We were also reminded that by raising Jesus from the dead God was affirming that Jesus truly was the Son of God. God would not raise an impostor. He was affirming that all of Jesus’ words and miracles were true. God would not raise a false prophet.

We left the service with the words ‘He is risen. He is risen indeed’ ringing in our ears.

But now it’s Monday and nothing has changed outwardly in our lives. Do you remember the feeling you got after waiting with eager anticipation for Christmas or a birthday or anniversary? The anticipation had been such a part of your life that when the event had come and gone and the anticipation was no longer pushing your adrenaline you felt the blahs.

Don’t let today be a Post Easter Blah day.

Keep looking forward. Think about your new glorified body and the ‘super powers’ you will have access to. Think about having eternity to explore the vastness of the universe. Think of a world where everyone will be whom God originally intended them to be. A world without war and greed, racism and fear, homelessness and addiction.

A world where the blind will see their first rainbow and the deaf will hear their first musical notes and the crippled will break out into jigs of joy.

You will only suffer from blahs if you look back. That’s why Christians should have a blah free existence. We look forward!



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Jon D. Imme

Pastor| Author|Filmmaker|Former Teacher| Jon has been battling pancreatic cancer since February 2021. This has inspired him to share his journey.